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Here and Now 

So what is the current situation? Basically, there's not enough diversity in the C-Suite to accurately represent the industry. (P.S. This isn't an issue specific to just public relations.)

To champion progress, we must be able to measure and benchmark change. Unfortunately, there is not too much research studying women in public relations leadership at the moment. 

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There is an organization called the Institute for Public Relations. It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation dedicated to fostering greater use of research and research-based knowledge in public relations and corporate communication practice. And they were one of the first if not only, to research this hot topic specifically for the public relations industry. They published a signature study, Mind The Gap: Women's Leadership in Public Relations, to "address how we can achieve better and quicker progress that empowers and moves more women into leadership positions." 

And here's what you should know: 

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Here Is What We Do Know: 
A Podcast With A Pro

IPR's signature study, Mind The Gap, discussed key issues and themes in the workplace from persistent sexism to the importance of mentorship in leadership development. I just had to chat with one of the subject-matter experts on the report to learn more about what needs to change in order to empower women in public relations in their career journeys. 

Click below to listen to a conversation with Tina McCorkindale, CEO and President of the Institute For Public Relations. 

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