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Here For Her

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Looking Back

While Moving Forward 

As I dove into research surrounding the present status of women in leadership in the public relations industry, I noticed that I couldn't recall much of women's history in the field. Sure I could name Edward L. Bernays or Ivy Ledbetter Lee, but I was shocked that I could only name two women trailblazers of the past. And I know I'm not the only one...It's time for that to change. 

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Meet the women pioneers of the public relations industry...

The following is dedicated to all of the unsung heroes to whom we don't hear about. These are the women who defined the industry and blazed a trail for us aspiring leaders. You might recognize a few names from your days in the classroom, but honestly, each of these women deserves their own chapter in a textbook. 

The video to the left was promoted through PRSSA National social media channels in honor of Women's History Month and as a countdown to International Women's Day 2020. As I was crafting this video, I sought out a way to creatively visualize their contributions to the industry. Below you'll find an infographic highlighting each of these women's amazing feats. 

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