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An Integrated Capstone Project by Ashleigh Kathryn White

Here For Her

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The project aims to provide aspiring women leaders in public relations with pathways to success through increasing the awareness of mentoring and leadership development through amplifying leading research and by enhancing the quality of these resources shared. 

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According to a signature study conducted by the Institute for Public Relations, the public relations population is made up of about 75 percent of women yet less than 20 percent serve in the C-Suite role. This number is even more staggering for underrepresented communities. As an aspiring leader in public relations, it's personally important to me to see diverse representation in senior leadership and in the C-Suite and as a University of Florida Grad Student I aspire to be an "unstoppable force for the Gator Good." 

Why does this matter?
Vehicles For Change

From sassy podcasts to social media and coffee dates, the modern woman in public relations gets her information from a variety of sources and this project will be no different. You're invited to explore the different vehicles I've tested to start a conversation for change involving the past, present and future of women in leadership.

Contact Me
And who am I?
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My name is Ashleigh Kathryn and I am an aspiring storyteller.  As an award-winning communications graduate student at the University of Florida, I seek out unique stories and share them through strategic messaging and tactics. For more information please visit

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